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An Unforgettable Evening Desert Safari

Desert safari offers a lot of charm. Dubai desert safari should be on your hit list if you are planning a holiday tour. An evening desert safari trip in Dubai usually starts around 4 pm and continues till nearly 10 pm. You can take a kicking start of your desert safari with the exciting dune bashing. It feels great to be smashing sand across the far stretched Arabian Desert. It is an absolutely thrilling experience.

Desert Safari Dubai

Dressing up in Arabian attire to enjoy the marvels of the exotic evening desert safari feels great. You can get to try the bumpy camel ride once you hop on a camel and experience the true essence of the Arabian desert just like you have seen in movies. You would surely want to smoke a sheesha while sitting beside a water fountain.

You can later try out sand skiing which is super awesome and even more fun than snow skiing. You will be overjoyed by the amount of excitement and thrill sand skiing brings.

Another enticing activity includes quad biking where you get to run your four wheeler bike through the golden sand spread over the desert and feel your adrenaline rushing because it is going to be one bumpy ride!

The gorgeous sunset of the desert is an absolute beauty to watch. You will definitely want to capture the eye catching shades of orange and pale blue spread all over the sky. The aura and essence of the desert takes you to a complete new world of magic, beauty, serenity and excitement.

After you feel your energy level going down because of all the fun and adventure, you can enjoy the delights of hot sizzling barbecue, Kahwa or Arabian tea, sweet as honey dates of the desert and all sorts of delicious cuisines.

Desert Safari Dubai

Your meal becomes even more fun with all the professional belly dancers showing their talent and electrifying the environment phenomenally. Dubai belly dance is one of the biggest charms when it comes to desert safari and tourism. Everyone wants to witness the dynamic belly dance shows in the safari camps. Your Arabian dinner is just not complete without belly dancers. They have the finest belly dancers who know how to win your hearts with their dynamic performances that can hardly be forgotten. You are surely going to eat well and be amused by watching the grand belly dancing and tanura dancing shows arranged for your complete entertainment.

How to Find the Best Hotels While Travelling

When people travel one of the most frustrating decisions that they will make it where they will spend the night and what hotels they will stay in. People do not want to go through the frustrating process of driving up to one or more hotels and asking if they have vacancy. Typically nicer hotels will not have neon, “no vacancy” signs outside of their windows so there is no way for a person to know this without asking at the front desk. When you are tired, and have been travelling for a long period of time, finding a hotel is the last thing that you want to do before settling down to go to bed.

The easiest way to find the best hotels while travelling is to map out your trip ahead of time. When you have an idea of where you will be spending the night, then you can research hotels in those cities and find the best ones that match your criteria. When you travel, you will be pressed for time, so you generally do not want to spend more time than is necessary in a hotel. However, having this information ahead of time will save a lot of frustration down the road.

When you have mapped out your travel plan you will want to stay as close as possible to those plans. Especially if you make a reservation, you will need to make it to your destination each day so you don’t waste your money through your hotel reservations. You will also be able to get the best rates on your hotels because you will be able to purchase your room deals online and you will be able to compare hotel rates to ensure that you have the best one. You can also read hotel reviews online and make sure that former customers have enjoyed that hotel. This will ensure that you are able to find the best possible hotel for the best price.

When you are travelling and you are in a foreign place, you will not want to run the risk of not finding a quality hotel to stay in each night. Having your trips planned out and the information readily available to you will ensure that you are able to get the most out of your travel experience and that you are able to save yourself ample frustration. This will also ensure that you will be able to get the best deals on your lodging and save yourself the most money possible. When you save money on your lodging you will have more money remaining to spend on other things that you can enjoy during your trip. This is the best way to find top hotels while travelling.

Smart Tips for Choosing the Best Hotel During Your Vacation

While on a vacation, it can be quite challenging to get yourself the best possible accommodation facilities. You have to give time and thought to comfort, reviews, pricing, photos, deals, discounts and a daunting range of others concerns. These tips help you choose the best hotel and enjoy a hassle free holiday. Take a closer look.


Gone are the days when you had to call up every individual hotel in your chosen destination and ask them for their regular rack rates, discounts and off-season tariffs. With the internet as your travel partner, you can now research on plenty of hotels at one go, compare their amenities and prices and make sure that you get your hands on the best seasonal, promotional and off-season package. You should choose accommodation that syncs with your budget and is well equipped to handle your travelling concerns in more ways than one.


In addition to their tariff cards, the location of a hotel also has an important role to play in its selection. You may prefer to stay in the heart of a tourist destination or long to enjoy it bounties from secluded locations-far from the maddening crowds. A careful insight into the location of the hotel helps you get a better feel of the place and promises to make your trip more memorable.

User Reviews

Feedback and testimonials from past guests and those who have visited the hotel before you, are the best ways of researching into the attributes of a hotel. Reputed and trusted review sites have real and genuine reviews from people who have lived in and enjoyed the facilities of the hotels on your list. Both positive as well as negative comments help you make an informed and well-researched decision. Steer clear of fake reviews and stick to those available on travel forums, blogs and other trusted travel portals.

Cancellation – Refund Policy

Before booking your stay ensure a clear insight about the hotel’s refund and cancellation policies. The terms and conditions linked with the same vary from one service provider to another. As emergencies can happen anytime and make you cancel your trip, you must have a clear idea about your monetary losses and the amount that can be credited back to your account.

Check in – Check Out time

Though most hotels boast of a standard check in and checkout time, it is always better to know the exact times relevant to your selected hotel. In certain cases, staying beyond the prescribed timings may attract extra charges. Booking airline tickets online, in accordance to these timings, will help you enjoy better value for your travel investments. Similarly, before you buy air tickets to reach the hotel selected by you, you must also inquire about their amenities, swimming pool, gymnasium, spa, coffee shop and so forth.

Choose The Best Hotel When Traveling

If you are looking for five star Caribbean resorts, then the Fairmont Hamilton Princess should be part of your shortlist. This is at the top end of the tourism industry and therefore you are programmed to expect nothing but the best from the organizers. The facilities are top notch and you get to choose the settings of the accommodation as well as the various elements that make up for the charges that you will need to pay. At the five star end of the spectrum everything is absolutely well catered for. You will not find the flies in the ointment which plague hotels that fall below the four stars level.

The only luxury hotel in Bermuda

This is a claim that is subjective at best but certainly, this is one of the best Caribbean resorts. You will have to pay some good money for the privilege of staying there but the amenities are so magnificent that it will be worth your while. There is a genuine attempt to make your stay very comfortable and the members of staff have been trained to a very high standard. They combine the traditional approach to tourism with a modern outlook on customer care. Therefore you will be given an experience that rivals the very best times that you have had in your own residence. This level of luxury is expected at the five stars level of competence. They have built and reputation and do a lot of work to ensure that the reputation is not sullied by a few slip ups. You can enjoy their efforts through an individually planned holiday or the package tours.

This hotel is not just for holidays but also caters for people who are on business. There is a sister hotel within the vicinity known as the Fairmont Southampton Princess. If there is anything wrong with the facilities at the main hotel, then the sister establishment will provide you with alternative accommodation until the issue can be resolved. There are online booking facilities which provide you with a detailed resume of what is on offer at the hotel. You do not also have to suffer the credit card fees. This might seem like a small matter but it does help to bring your overall costs down. It ensures that you trip is not marred by the perennial shortages which can become a nightmare after some time.

The cost structures for this hotel are at about four hundred and thirty US dollars. This is a fairly reasonable price for the kind of accommodation they offer. You will also get a full breakfast. The child supplement for a single kid is about seven dollars. This is well within the boundaries of reasonableness. The emphasis of customer care should not go unnoticed. This is one of the friendliest establishments that you will find anywhere. They have a particular policy of offering interesting dynamics for the travelers. They also open up the different opportunities to explore the Caribbean within the comfort zone of a top notch establishment.

How to Get the Best Hotel Rates

As a travel agent I get a lot of people asking me how to get the best hotel rates and the answer falls back on the traditional way of dealing with the travel industry. The goal of this article is to educate the general public so they can get the best hotel rates and to teach those who read this article about the different types of room rates that exist in the industry. Theses tips I present have the potential to save you several hundreds of dollars on you or your friends, and families’ hotel rooms from now on.

To get the best hotel rate, tip number one should be that you ignore and blacklist using all highly advertised websites like Orbitz, Expedia, and Travelocity from obtaining your services. Once you do this you are open to more options and better deal that you can get elsewhere. These Internet agencies spend millions of dollars every year on advertising so you will hear about them and when you do, they present themselves in a magazine, commercial, or paid advertisement at the top of the search engines with their written or spoken string of brainwashing keywords they choose to advertise and target the general public with.

What these Internet travel agencies offer is an abusive and exploitative situation they control by brainwashing the uninformed that read, listen, and pay attention to their commercials. Internet agencies are not even considered true travel wholesalers according to certain industry professionals who have been in the game for 20 years or longer. The hotels are approached by the Internet agencies that do not even purchase the rooms from the hotels. Instead they propose that they will sell a certain number of rooms for the hotel with no time constraints and they are to be given rooms by the hotel at the Net Rate, which is a bulk travel wholesale amount in the industry. Travel wholesalers and consolidations have to prepay for the bulk amount of rooms they buy from the hotels so they can resell them, so why shouldn’t these Internet sites have to?

Here is where the exploitative situation on the general public begins, and nobody can seem to do anything about. Once the Internet sites are given their own inventory with rooms to mark up at their control they go ballistic. They mark their prices 60% to 80% from the net rate and in some cases over 100% when you tie in all useless services charges, fees, and taxes the add on top of everything. One would think that the Internet agencies and the prices they sell would remain comparative, competitive, and would be able to back up their hyped-up keywords you read and listen to repetitively in their promotions as they feed them to the general public the through millions of dollars of advertising, but they do not.

All the hotel requires in return is the amount of the net. The hotels are fully aware of this exploitative situation that the majority general public is unaware of. The hotels do not support this, but they are simply forced into doing so because they cannot keep up the advertising dollars the Internet sites spend; otherwise they would sell every single room every day of the year by themselves. The only time you might be getting the best hotel rate when you use one of the Internet sites is when the discount price is 30% to 50% off and then the price begins to be reasonably comparable to what is being sold on the vendors website. Other than that you are being sold a bunch of keywords that are all over inflated.

The second tip is the secret to finding the best hotel rates and saving the most towards your vacation falls back to the traditional method of using a travel agent, and the key is to find one who does not charge booking, service, or transaction fees of any sort. You might wonder where all the travel agents are at these days. The reason why you do not see swinging doors to for agencies anymore is because the airlines cut commissions years ago and over 200,000 agencies who occupied business space were forced to either shut down and shut their doors and moved to the internet where they could work from home. This is a big reason why travel agents make up the largest sector of the home based business industry.

Using an industry professional it is and always will be the best way to save money on hotel rates and just about anything you buy in life. As an industry professional we operate semi-automatically because it is usually requires membership logins and passwords, along with proper industry credentials to gain access to certain databases that are filled with premier discounts. Home based travel agents have the ability to obtain numerous different rate types and specials they can offer to the general public or to their clients at such incredibly low deals on such a consistent basis. Premium deals cannot be posted to any public booking engines. They must be sold privately.

The third tip that shows you how to get the best hotel rates is to understand the different type of rates that exist. The GDS is the Global Distribution System is the standard room rate and traditional hotel inventory. These are found on the hotel website and the ones they sell over the phone at the hotel or in the reservations call center. Sometimes the reservations desk will be selling rates cheaper than the call center but they are still GDS rates in comparison. Agents use the GDS to determine how special the other rates are in their overall inventory of multiple rate types they are able to access.

There are different segments of the GDS that include traditional Standard, Rack, Promotion, Government, Military, Corporate, Senior Citizen, and my client’s favorite of all, Premium rates. Premium rates are negotiated rates that hotel provides to travel agencies that reward them for their superior booking history with them. Typically the premium type will save clients 25% to 30% off from the standard GDS Rate. Promotion rates are like having to have the promotional code to receive a discount if the hotel is offering one to the general public. The rest of the GDS are self explanatory if you have the proper credentials to buy them.

The next type of rate is the most rewarding for clients. As I mentioned earlier in the first tip on how to get the best hotel rates, I defined the meaning behind a Net rate as a wholesale rate. Wholesalers and consolidators will purchase a bulk number of room’s usually in large amounts from the hotel vendors and receive a low wholesale price for doing so. The same concept applies a company who sells their products to wholesale suppliers in bulk. The more purchased from the hotel, the better the chances of the consolidators receiving a lower Net rate from the hotel.

Wholesalers then will throw a small markup on top of the Net rates so they can make a little profit and then they we resell the Net rate and distribute them back in to various hotel supplier databases so travel agents can sell them to their clients and to the general public. Net rates are special travel agent rates that are usually prepaid and nonrefundable. They must be booked at least 3 days prior to the clients’ arrival date. Booking a hotel reservation using a premier and Net rate through a home based travel agent who does not charge for fees for their services is how to get the best hotel rates in the world.

Tip four explains how to make a travel agents job easier so they can find you the best hotel rates. Spend some time preparing your itinerary for your agent. They need to know the desired check in and checkout dates as well as the city you wish to stay in. Providing the zip code you want to stay in is even better so they can focus on a certain area so you can be as close to where you want to be. Include the number of rooms and number of beds you need and how many people you are traveling with.

By all means be sure to include a small list of choices you are interested in staying at. If the do not charge a fee for their services, try to be prepared them to work more efficiently for you by giving them all the correct information the first time. If you are traveling with children you will need to tell how many there are and their ages. As stated in the beginning of this article my goal is to educate the reader on how to get the best hotel rates that exist, and if you allow the industry professional to do the work for you, your results will increase tenfold with the success you receive on saving money each and every time you, or your family and friends want to go somewhere.

The Best Time to Travel to North India

The weather of India is diverse like its demographics. The option to holiday comes with a dish of variety in climate conditions in various parts of the country. Sometime there is a blanket of snow in Ladakh, while the lash of monsoon rains wet the northern zone between July-August. The best time to travel to North India depends on the destinations visited and the climate there. Tourists coming to North India experience three distinct seasons of summer, monsoon, and winter. In most parts of North India, especially the cities of Delhi NCR have extreme temperatures during winter and summer. The North-central region is even more hot and dry. For foreign tourists touring India, the best time to travel to North India is during winters. This is because it is pleasant for day trips. The humid summers are from March- October with mild spells of rain.

Delhi, Agra, Jaipur tour, the Golden Triangle is best made in October to February if you want to avoid the heat. Winters come as a blessing in mid-November to beginning of December. It is pleasant then for an India Golden Triangle tour. By December end, the temperatures tend to dip much below the normal and chilling with 4-5 degree Celsius. Yet, the cold seems never to deter the spirits of the tourists who enjoy the many festivals, fairs, exhibitions, and food fests across the region. Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan has cold nights than the days.

Ladakh in North boasts of a wonderful season during monsoon, this is because the roads are clean with no traces of snow and roads open up from April. So, the best time to visit Ladakh region would be between Aprils to September.

Hill stations have excellent climate during summer months on the lowlands. There is no snowfall in Nainital or Shimla in May-June, yet the climate is perfect for a romantic North India tour. There is fresh air that would allow you to explore the region well without wiping off sweat. The national parks and wildlife sanctuaries are overcrowded with tourists. The animals are always out in the open under the mild sun there. The stunning landscape of Shimla during summer offers a picture perfect backdrop after a little drizzle. Typically even Jammu and Kashmir is paradise in summer more for the cool breeze you would enjoy along Dal Lake. It is hard to miss Jammu and Kasmir during North India tour packages. Popularly called the “Paradise on Earth”, the charm and beauty gets enhanced on a sunny day. In winter, you will wake up to find the Dal Lake frozen to the core. The “Shikara” or houseboat experience will be nil between December- January. The popular time of visiting Kashmir Valley is from May- November.

Allahabad and Varanasi are the North-cultural zone of the country. Varanasi is heated up in May-June. The temperatures vary from 35 degrees to up to 42 degrees with dry winds making day trips uncomfortable. It is better to plan for Varanasi from October to December. Moving to Punjab, Haryana, and Chandigarh, the neighboring places of Delhi, the monsoon is never heavy. The rains instead make these major cities pleasant for a tight night sleep. April to August is however the off season, but good to bag a great hotel or shopping deal at discount prices.

How to Choose the Best Hotel and the Best Eating House While in Paris

When selecting your hotel and the eating place you like to visit in Paris, you ought to interpret how much you can spend. You should as well regard your disliked and likes. Retain mind that not all eating house in Paris severs French dishes. You have a selection of pizza shops, French diners, well-rounded menus and more.

To study the facts about Paris’s dishes and restaurants you may want to talk with your local travel agent or take a look online to review the various diners. If you regard how much you can spend and tastes first, it will assist you fix choices. There are many options to opt from in the pleasurable country of Paris, France.

How to consider hotels in Paris:

The hotel is rated, dependent on courtesy of client service, food, rooms, etc. If you realize which hotel you like to stay in Paris, you can use the power of the internet and find reviews. Look for the four and five star hotels. Three star hotels are good too. Paris’s hotels are made to fit your needs. Many hotels in Paris offer special equipment for the handicapped, which is a good thing because you are many individuals with special needs.

Some of the best-rated hotels in Paris comprise the Hotel Bristol. The hotel is rated three stars. The hotel is near Champ-Ely sees and the Madeleine; this hotel is was well rated with 3 stars, since it is the Hotel Castes and its near Musee Du Louvre. Another fabulous hotel in Paris is the three star, Hotel Luxemboubou Parc near St Germain. Many other hotels in Paris are rated at three also. The hotels are all comfortable hotels and don’t overlook that Paris wants you to love Paris the way they love it, so the managers work to accommodate you. Paris hotel managers are certain that the whole family will relish their stay. The hotels all serve daily breakfast, which is a good way to start your morning.

Keep in mind when opting for hotels in Paris, remembering that you want to stay at near areas where you may like to visit. As an example, if you wish to visit the Aldaz restaurant, seek a hotel in this region.

How to opt for your restaurant:

When it come to food you what the greatest, so let’s see what we are able to develop while visiting Paris. If you are in the mood for quite a few Middle Eastern food you will wish to use out this resonant for size, it is the Aldaz. Perhaps you don’t have an Eastern taste, and then visit the Aubacou, which serves some of the tastiest French dishes in town.

You possibly on a tour and be in a hurry to eat so you may like to go to the Angelina which is a tea cafe that serves sandwiches and salad for all the busy people on the ran. Then they have the Blue Elephant which Asia food is served here. As you see, when you parade along the streets of Paris you have many selections to make.

How to I decide pursuits before returning to my hotel?

Then you could determine that you wish to wear off that food. Good for you, since Paris offers you many things you are able to do before returning to the hotel.

Perhaps you want to just take a walk though the gardens or take a ride on the horse and carriage. You could also want to go for a drink and some dancing so why do not you visit the Baiser pub. Irrespective what you decide, you will make the proper decision. The primary thing is that you have fun in Paris.

Enjoy Your Stay in Some of the Best Hotels While Traveling

While on holiday or a business trip you need to look for the best kind of accommodation so that your stay can be made comfortable. There are many things you need to put into consideration before you choose the place where you will stay. Some of the factors you need to consider the likes of location, price and amenities. You will need to choose a place that is comfortable, convenient and has the best rates for you. There are many Galena hotels that you can choose from to make your stay comfortable.

They have different services that are offered and you can choose and you can get the ones that best suit your needs. For instance if you need unlimited room service you can get some places of accommodation that offer these. Some of them offer internet and satellite televisions while some of them do not. To get the best place to stay you can consult the people who have been in the places before so that they can advice you on the best places to stay. You can also read the reviews that are available in different sites and they can act as guidelines to help you get the best place to stay at.

Other than this, you can get numerous Galena bed and breakfast places. They also offer different services and you can choose the one that you prefer the most. If you like you privacy you can get private rooms for reasonable rates that have all the amenities that you need. Most of them are located in serene environments to ensure that your stay is made comfortable and relaxed. You should make sure you choose a place that has clean rooms and offers house keeping services to make sure that the rooms are kept clean throughout your stay.

If you want you can get rooms in mansions and bungalows to give you the home away from home feeling. Here you can either choose to make your meals or have them made for you. Most of the rooms will offer you breakfast
And evening meals and you will have to look for your own midday meals. Before you chose such a place you should make a point of visiting the place so that you can make sure that all the facilities are working. This is because most of these places usually post false information the web and one ends up getting surprised when you visit the place and do not get what you expect.

Travel Series: The Best Hotels

The best of hotels are those that have a continuous chain of hotels worldwide. These hotels are sure to provide good service to their customers. Some hotels even provide lodging facilities. Moreover, chain hotels are normally very popular. However, the choice of hotels differs from customer to customer. Many even have special offers for those who go to places for certain meetings and appointments. Thus, the best hotels need to have various kinds of offers and services.

When a customer chooses a hotel, he/she not only sees the quality of room service that they provide, but also the variety in their meals and refreshments. The class of customer also matters when they lookout for a suitable hotel. They are in varieties according to the needs of a particular place and the kind of customers situated in that place. Hotels at tourist places have special offers that may provide the convenience to wander about the place and services of a good tourist guide. Tourist places are mainly full of hotels that can cater to tourists day and night with good lodging services.

If the reason behind choosing a certain hotel is a business meeting or an important appointment, luxury resorts are perfect to consider. During vacation times, there are hotels that provide offers for college and university students, who come to spend their holidays or vacations. Some even have offers for school and college picnics or outings. Surely, luxury hotels are of those kinds that attract high-class people than normal people. Boutique hotels offer a range of lucrative offers for their wealthy clients. Customers searching for a royal type of holiday are the perfect ones, who may like the boutique, as well as luxury hotels to spend their holidays.

Thus, whenever you plan for a vacation, make sure that you book the hotel in advance according to your preferences and budget.